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Mrs. Baynham's conversation at one of her own dinners was apt to be somewhat distracted and inconsecutive in substance, although she maintained a smiling and delighted air all the time, whatever anxieties might be wearing her spirit鈥攁nxieties about the cooking and the attendance鈥攁ngry wonder at the prolonged absence of the parlour-maid鈥攄istress at seeing the lobster sauce dragging its slow length along when people had nearly finished the turbot鈥攁gonizing fears lest the vol au vent should not last out after that enormous help taken by Captain Pentreath, in sheer absence of mind, perhaps, since he only messed it about on his plate, while he bored Miss Crowther with a prosy account of his latest victory over an obstinate demon of the Jack family鈥"such a devil of a fellow, three feet long, and with jaws like a crocodile.".
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"Truth is life, and falsehood is death," answered the priest, firmly. "You must choose your own course, Mrs. Disney; but there is one argument I may urge as a man of the world rather than as a priest. Nothing is ever hidden for very long in this life. There is no secret so closely kept that some one has not an inkling of it. Better your husband should hear the truth from you, in humble self-accusation, than that he should learn it later鈥攑erhaps after he has mourned you for years鈥攆rom a stranger's lips."?
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"She could not do without me, nor could Martin either," Allegra told her lover. "It is I who keep house and manage their money, and see to everything for them. Martin has been utterly helpless since this saddening anxiety began. He thinks of nothing but Isola, and her chances of recovery. I cannot leave him while she is so ill."!
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He was very unceremonious to these fair parishioners of his, and talked to them as freely as if he had been an old French Abb茅 in a country village. It is needless to say that they valued his opinion so much the more because he was entirely unaffected by their wealth or their good looks. They were naturally aggrieved at his marked admiration for Miss Leland.
"I thought she was very fresh and bright and loving," answered Isola, "and I could see even in that one evening that she was very fond of you."
"I remember as if it were last night," she answered gravely. "But oh, how long ago it seems!"
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